The right retirement home should provide you with a comfortable place to enjoy your senior years. At this point in your life, you’ve earned the opportunity to enjoy some freedom from everyday chores. You might also prefer to know that you live in close proximity to other older adults who love to socialize along with caregivers who can provide you with support during times of need.

1. Determine Your Needs and Preferences

Seniors tend to have a wide range of personal interests and abilities that impact their preferences for a retirement home. You might prefer a home that offers suites that feel more like an apartment than an assisted living center. Or, you might prefer to know that the staff is available around-the-clock to help with your needs. Once you create your list of must-have’s, you can then use this to guide your questions during a tour.

2. Assess the Level of Care

The best types of communities for seniors offer multiple levels of support. Take a moment to consider whether you prefer an independent living arrangement or one with more assistance. You’ll then use this information to look for a home that meets your needs for accessibility and long-term care.

3. Inquire About Access to Amenities

As you age, getting out to go to a salon might become more challenging. Or, you might prefer to have a chapel on-site to make it easier to attend services. Once you’ve found that a retirement home meets your basic needs, you’ll also want to take a look at the amenities they have to offer. Living near a fitness room or general store simply makes life more enjoyable.

4. Check Out the Recreation Calendar

Socializing helps to keep your mind sharp, and living near other seniors is the perfect way to make new friends. A retirement community that offers a wide range of social events recognizes the importance of relationships in the senior years. From enjoying live entertainment to doing a group workout, it’s fun to spend time with other people in your community.

5. Take a Tour

The final step to choosing the right retirement home is to take a look for yourself. Since you’ll be living in the community, it’s best to take a personalized tour. You can book a tour of the River Ridge Retirement Community online or give us a call. Our team will take you on a tour of the suites and give you a chance to enjoy a sample of what daily life is like here.