Enjoy meals - your way

Delicious Dining

At River Ridge, good food is integral to the care we provide. Our kitchen team crafts fresh, homestyle dishes daily and each resident enjoys meal service in the dining room for breakfast lunch, and dinner. An on-site dietician is also available to help with any special dietary needs and recommendations.

Sample Dining Menu

River Ridge has a five week rotating menu. All meals are served with a choice of coffee, tea, juices, water, or milk. Dinner is served with dinner buns and butter. Desserts suitable for diabetics are provided. Beverages, snacks and ice cream are available 24 hours a day (regular and diabetic).

Home-Cooked Meals

Whether they’re whipping up something from our delicious menu or serving up something amazing for special occasions, our kitchen team puts their passion and talent into every meal. Our goal is to provide fresh, good food that you can look forward to, every day.

Dining Options

Want to invite guests for a meal at River Ridge? No problem! We know that social connection is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Feel free to invite friends and family out to eat at River Ridge.

Guest meal rates:


  • $6.00

Sunday brunch/dinner

  • $10.00

Special Occasions

  • $15.00

Invite Your Family and Friends!

Want to enjoy our meals with loved ones? We know how important family and relationships are for your health and well-being. Feel free to invite your guests out to eat at River Ridge.