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River Ridge Seniors Village FAQ

You’re sure to have a few questions about living at a Park Place residence. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about retirement living, living at River RIdge in particular, and senior care options. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • River Ridge offers multiple care options for seniors ranging from independent retirement living to full complex long term care. For those who require a little extra support, assisted and supportive care residences are also available. To help guide you in the right direction, take our short care options survey or download our comprehensive care comparison chart.

  • Subsidized rooms or beds are those partially funded by the government and partially funded by the resident. Private pay suites are fully paid for by the resident. Subsidized care options vary between provinces, for more information on how to apply visit our Subsidized care page.

  • River Ridge is a pet friendly building and community! Residents are responsible for the care of their pet and pets must be leashed at all times in common areas.

  • All Long Term Care rooms are fully furnished, however, residents are encouraged to bring their own mementos and personal effects. Independent retirement living locations are more condo-style living and not furnished. Some assisted and supportive living residences are furnished, please check with River Ridge’s management.

  • At River Ridge, we believe that every day is resident’s day. Our residents have a right to a voice and choice in their ongoing care which is why we partner with our residents and their families to design the personalized care they want and deserve. Resident’s day is our commitment to providing personalized care so that, as your needs change, so will the support, services, and care you receive. Visit our Resident’s Day page for more information.

  • At Park Place’s long term care residences the Resident/Family Council is a group of people that may include residents, and family members, and friends of residents living in the Home. The group organize themselves to meet regularly to support each other, share information and educational resources. They also raise concerns or issues encountered in the Home, work pro-actively with Care Home staff to resolve any concerns, and advocate for our residents with a view to improve the overall quality of the resident’s experience. These Councils also act as a liaison between the residents and administration.

  • Designated as Assisted Living in British Columbia and Supportive Living in Alberta, Assisted and Supportive Living residents are often active seniors who can live independently and make decisions on their own behalf, but require a supportive environment and assistance with daily tasks due to physical or functional health challenges. In Alberta there are several levels of “Designated Supportive Living” including DSL3, DSL4 and DSL4 Secure. For further resources, see our subsidized care page.

  • All of our current job opportunities are listed on the careers page. View the job description and email your resume by selecting the “apply” button.

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